Photographywithwords: The Leibster Award

Thank you so much kirecom for nominating our very new blog! We were nominated then challenged to answer these 11 questions. Since we do have two people on this blog, it was extremely fun.

1.) Why did you decide to start to blog?

Bethany & Cathy: We decided to start the blog on a trip back from Starbucks. We saw that the world needed more writing and photography, so we went with it. We are currently in college and wanted to mix our majors and that, yes, we are actual majors.

2.)What is your favorite memory?

Cathy: My favorite memory would probably be when my grandpa would read to me about sailors. It was a weird book, but it’s where I learned I love reading.

Bethany: Standing under a waterfall in Colorado this summer. You never realize how small you are until you’re under a huge current of water.

3.) Who inspires you?

Cathy: My sister inspires me every day. She encouraged me to do good in school and through school I found myself and I owe it all to my sister.

Bethany: My aunt Cindy, she’s always encouraged me to be my own person.

4.) What is your current goal in life?

Cathy: My goal is to work with a book publishing company as an editor one day, I also might want to freelance write. I just want to influence the world in some way with writing.

Bethany: I want to be a traveling photographer. After growing up in a small town, I want to get out and see the world. Bring the world to people’s eyes.

5.) How would you describe yourself?

Cathy & Bethany: We would describe ourselves as eerily similar. We enjoy the simple things, but see the complexity in them as well. We are creative and love to use that to share our uniqueness with the world, hopefully spreading it.

6.)How much wood could a Woodchuck chuck if a Woodchuck could chuck wood?

Cathy: How “wood” I know this. *Ba dum chhh*

Bethany:*Stares blankly at Cathy*

7.) What do you do for Fun?

Bethany & Cathy: We walk a lot. We go to coffee houses, café’s, diners. All around actually.

8.) What is your dream vacation?

Cathy: New York. Definitely.

Bethany: Egypt, you know, after all the civil unrest goes away.

9.) What is your favorite Quote?

Cathy: “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.”

-Maya Angelou

Bethany: “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.”

-Lewis Carroll

10.) Do you enjoy running a blog?

Bethany & Cathy: We love it. It gives us time to do something fun and creative.

11.) What do you plan to do now?

Bethany & Cathy: Disney world. Just kidding, we’re probably going to Starbucks and finish a roll of film.

Now it’s time that we nominate blogs that we think are fantastic, but they must have less than 500 followers. We scoured the earth for the longest time and found these unique 11:

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11.The Ouachita Shutterbug

We encourage everyone on this list to follow each other and support one another! We chose you guys because you either had awesome writing or great photography skills, or both. Now we also want the blogs on this list to do the same that we did and choose 11 blogs, with 500 or less followers, and pass it along!


Within the cobblestones.

kisingPhoto Credit: Emily (Our crazy friend who went to Europe and so generously donated this image)

The street lights flicker as foot steps quicken

The clock acts as a killer of spirits, taking away precious time

The cobblestone is edged with lost hopes and dreams

In which the authors have long abandoned

The look in your eyes tells me that our future is the same tonight

As we kiss goodbye and leave the wanting to the archaic stone